History of North Horsham Parish Council

North Horsham Parish Council is a successor to Horsham Rural Parish Council, which itself had been in existence since 1894.

The old Horsham Rural Parish Council had comprised of five Wards:-

Broadbridge Heath

In 1987, the Boundary Commission reduced the number of Wards and split the Rural Parish into three:-

Broadbridge Heath
North Horsham

For those who appreciate the formal detail, the Parish was formed under Statutory Instrument 197/247 by the Horsham (Parishes) Order 1987, passed on 9th February 1987.

Back in 1987, the Parish was divided into three Wards – Holbrook, Roffey North and Roffey South.

Today, the Parish Council consists of nineteen Parish Councillors representing four Wards – Holbrook East(5), Holbrook West (4), Roffey North (6) and Roffey South (4).