North Horsham Parish Council employs eleven staff, three full time and eight part time as follows:-

Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer (Full time)  – Pauline Whitehead BA(Hons) FSLCC.
Pauline is the head of paid staff, and as the Proper Officer  looks after the administrative affairs of the Council.  The Clerk advises the Council and carries out the decisions that have been made. Pauline is Clerk to the Full Council, Finance and Administration Committee and Personnel Committee, she also supports working parties set up to investigate specific topics and is the Clerk to the North of Horsham Development Parish Liaison Group.  As Responsible Financial Officer, Pauline prepares the financial accounts and papers for the Council.

Deputy Clerk (Full time) – Vivien Edwards
Vivien supports the Clerk and is the line manager for several members of staff. She oversees the day to day running of the Parish Council’s portfolio of assets and is the Clerk to the Property Committee. Vivien oversees the North Horsham Friendship Club among many other responsibilities.

Committee Clerk (Full time) – Ross McCartney
Ross looks after bookings made for the halls and multi courts, the management of the allotments and is the Clerk to the Planning, Environment and Transport Committee.

Facilities Officer (Part time) – Debbie Lees
Debbie looks after the Parish Council’s  buildings, play areas and open spaces and works closely with the Deputy Clerk and Caretakers. Debbie is responsible for running the North Horsham Friendship Club.

Administration Clerk (Part time) – Jitendra (Jitu) Chudasama
Jitu works on the reception desk at Roffey Millennium Hall and looks after the general administrative duties, inputs financial data and is responsible for credit control.

Part time caretakers
There are six part time caretakers two at each of the Parish Council Buildings. The caretakers at Roffey Millennium Hall are also Litter Wardens.

To comply with the Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency the Paybands and Pay Multiples of the Parish Council staff has been published. For clarification , no employee is paid more that the threshold of  £58,200 per annum which would require further information on the post to be disclosed.

Staff Structure – July 2019

Paybands and Pay Multiples September 2019