Council Policies

Policies adopted by North Horsham Parish Council are as follows:-

The Parish Council has a Staff Handbook. A list of the policies contained in the Staff Handbook can be seen here. Policies specifically relating to staff can be found below. If you wish to look at any of the documents not reproduced on the website, please contact the Parish Office.

The Planning, Environment and Transport Committee adopted the Surrey and Sussex Association of Local Councils Planning Protocol as guidance for best practice in August 2018. This can be found here.

When considering planning applications The Planning, Environment and Transport Committee use a number of reference documents:

  • Culturally significant, historical and heritage assets in North Horsham Parish (March 2023) – found here.
  • The Desk Based Heritage Impact Assessment produced by Archaeology South East – seen here.
  • Good by Design – Building Design in Horsham by Horsham Society – seen here.