The Parish Council consists of nineteen Parish Councillors, below is a list of Councillors:

Alan Britten (Chairman of the Council) – Roffey North

Karen Burgess (Councillor) – Holbrook East

Peter Burgess (Councillor) – Holbrook West

James Davidson (Vice Chairman of the Property Committee & the Planning, Environment & Transport Committee) – Roffey North

Rita Ginn (Councillor) – Holbrook East

Joy Gough (Councillor) – Roffey South

Roland Knight (Chairman of the Property Committee) – Holbrook West

Donald Mahon (Vice Chairman of the Council) – Holbrook East

Karen Burgess (Councillor) – Holbrook East

Tony Rickett BEM (Vice Chairman of the Personnel Committee) – Holbrook East

David Searle (Councillor) – Roffey North

John Smithhurst (Vice Chairman of the Finance & Administration Committee) – Holbrook West

Simon Torn (Chairman of the Finance & Administration Committee) – Roffey North

Ray Turner (Chairman of the Planning, Environment & Transort Committee) – Roffey South

Ian Wassell (Councillor) – Holbrook West

Sally Wilton (Councillor) – Roffey South

The Parish Councillors represent six Wards – Holbrook East (5), Holbrook West (4), Roffey North (5), Roffey South (3), Horsham Rural (1) and Comptons (1). The map below shows the Ward boundaries. Click on a link in the drop down menu to see the Councillors for each Ward.

Map showing North Horsham Parish Council's Parish and Ward Boundaries
North Horsham Parish Council Boundary Map
  • Map Showing Horsham Rural Ward
  • Map Showing Holbrook West Ward
  • Map Showing Holbrook East Ward
  • Map Showing Roffey North Ward
  • Map Showing Roffey South Ward
  • Map Showing Comptons Ward