Street Furniture

The Parish Council owns and maintains a range of street furniture, including –

Bus Shelters (6 shelters in various places)
Seats (in various locations including Play Areas)
Litter Bins
Notice Boards (Roffey Millennium Hall, North Heath Lane, Holbrook Tythe Barn, Bartholomew Way, Church Road, North Heath Lane – Riverside Walk, Lambs Farm Road Shops, Godwin Way Car Park, Coltsfoot Drive Shops)
Street Lights (27 columns in various locations)

If you encounter a problem with any of these items, please contact the Parish Office.

West Sussex County Council Owned Street Lights
Problems are dealt with by West Sussex County Council’s contractors, Southern Electric.  There are two ways of drawing the problem to their attention, and it really helps if you know the column numbers involved, as well as the street and approximate location.  The first is to phone their call centre on 0800 0482 435, and the second is online at Both methods are free of charge.