Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Community Infrastructure (CIL) is a tool to help deliver infrastructure to support the development of an area.  The levy is charged on new development that creates either 100sqm of new gross internal area floorspace or (a) new dwelling(s) of any size.

Horsham District Council(HDC) sets the CIL Charging Schedule in this area and calculates the CIL payable by developers in line with their charging schedule.

Kilnwood Vale and the development North of Horsham will not have a CIL charge. CIL is payable once a development has commenced.

For more information about CIL please see the Horsham District Council Guide for Parish Councils by clicking here.

CIL 2019
In May 2019 North Horsham Parish Council received £11,052.71, which represents the neighbourhood portion of the total CIL receipts for North Horsham received between 1st October 2018 and 31st March 2019. The payment related to Planning Application DC/18/0017 – Scout Hut, Peary Close.

Breakdown of income and expenditure for CIL 2019/20
Income £11,052.71
December 2019 – Purchase and install Goal post for Holbrook Tythe Barn Open space £618.62
At 31st March 2020 there was a balance of £10,434.09 remaining.

A CIL working party has been formed that reports to the Parish Council. Notes of the meetings can be found below:-

29th July 2019
10th October 2019