Meeting Papers

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Finance and Administration
Planning, Environment and Transport

A Committee Report is prepared for each meeting, which covers the majority of items on the agenda. From time to time, these Reports will refer to Appendices. Occasionally, these will not be available to view on the Web Site due to the size of the documents.
If you wish to view these additional papers, please contact the Parish Office.

The minutes posted on the Web Site as Current Minutes remain as a Unconfirmed until they are signed and adopted at the next Council or Committee meeting, and will be marked accordingly.

Every effort is made by the Parish Council to conduct its business as openly and transparently as possible. There will be from time to time, however, occasions when items of a Confidential Nature need to be discussed. Such items generally relate to staffing or contractual matters.

Confidential items are listed on the agenda but are not included in the Reports and Minutes available for public inspection.