Parish Councillor Vacancies

There are 3 vacancies on North Horsham Parish Council, in Comptons, Holbrook East and Roffey North Wards. If anyone is interested in being co-opted onto the Council and serving as a Parish Councillor please get in touch with the Clerk.

General documents relating to applying to be a Councillor, when a casual vacancy arises can be found below.

Eligibility to be a Parish Councillor
Person Specification for applicants
Application Form (PDF)
Application Form (doc)

In line with the Local Government Act 1972 s 87 (1) a Casual Vacancy is deemed to have occurred:-
(1) When a local councillor fails to make his declaration of acceptance of office withing the proper time.
(2) When his notice of resignation has been received.
(3) On the day of his death.
(4) In the case of disqualification by conviction.
(5) In the case of an election being declared void.
(6) Where a person ceases to become qualified.

The list of uncontested Councillors elected in the May 2019 elections are as follows:-

John Smithurst was co-opted to Holbrook West on 16th May 2019.
Alex Shine was co-opted to Horsham Rural on 4th July 2019.