What’s In a Name?

Horsham shares its name with towns in Victoria, Australia and Pennsylvania, USA. It may mean either “horse home” or “Horsa’s Ham” (Horsa was a Saxon warrior and Ham is the Saxon word for village).

Holbrook shares its name with Holbrook, near Ipswich, Arizona, USA (on Route 66), and Holbrook in New York State. There are also villages called Holbrook in Derbyshire and near Coventry in England. The name Holbrook refers to a brook or a stream in a hollow.

Roffey shares its name with the Roffey Brewing Company in Michigan, USA and Roffey, Bourgogne in France (8km from Chablis). There is also a Roffey Lease (No. 10294) on Oil Well No. 1 at Chapel Hill Oil Field, Texas