Members’ Registers Of Interests

Members’ individual registers of interest will be available for viewing on the Councillor information pages which can be found in the ‘Your Council’ menu at the top of the page, under Councillors and then the relevant Parish ward.

Alternatively, click below for a direct link to each Register of interest.  As of November 2015,  these have been updated to include the required ‘Update Form’ for each Member.

Holbrook East Karen Burgess
Rita Ginn
Donald Mahon
Tony Rickett BEM.
Holbrook West Peter Burgess
Roland Knight
Ian Wassell
John Smithurst
Roffey North Alan Britten
James Davidson
David Searle
Simon Torn
Roffey South Joy Gough
Ray Turner
Sally Wilton
Comptons Vacancy
Horsham Rural Alex Shine