Tree Wardens

North Horsham Parish Council has nominated three voluntary Tree Wardens who will work with the Parish Council and other authorities to better understand the trees that are within the Parish and to catalogue the trees on Parish Council land.  Tree Wardens are part of the National Tree Warden Scheme overseen by West Sussex County Council. Tree Wardens are supported by West Sussex County Council and Horsham District Council where appropriate and report back to North Horsham Parish Council’s Planning Committee from time to time. If you would like to contact the Tree Wardens please do so through the Clerk.

Reports from the Tree Wardens can be found below:-
Tree Warden report – July 2017
Tree Warden report – September 2018.

Are you interested in taking an active part in your community, but prefer being outdoors to sitting in meetings? If so you may like to assist North Horsham Parish Council by volunteering to be a Local Tree Warden and join two other Tree Wardens who are successfully monitoring trees in the parish.

As local tree champions, Tree Wardens are the eyes and ears of their neighbourhoods and they play an active part in conserving trees and woods in their communities. They are involved in surveying local trees and gathering information about them, liaising with the local community and providing information to the Parish Council. The information will help the Parish Council to work with other agencies as appropriate to encourage people to value the community’s trees and woods and to look after them for future generations.

If you are interested in becoming a Tree Warden, please contact the Clerk.
Telephone 01403 750786.

Oak at Earles Meadow