Wet weather driving warning as storm clouds loom

After a spell of very hot weather and the likelihood of storm clouds looming on the horizon, roads policing officers in Sussex are warning drivers to be ready for potentially treacherous conditions when the rain arrives.

Chief Inspector Michael Hodder from the Surrey and Sussex Roads Policing Unit said: “Experience suggests that a fresh fall of rain on roads that have been baked in the summer heatwave is likely to leave them very slippery and unfortunately, experience also suggests that many drivers just won’t make allowances for it.

“During spells of hot weather, the bitumen in roads warms up and can seep through to the surface reducing the effectiveness of the texture and resistance to skidding. Additionally, there can be a build-up of rubber and traces of oil or diesel, which mix with the rain to create a very slippery surface. Think of how highly-skilled racing drivers struggle to keep control of their cars when an unexpected downpour soaks the track and do what they do – slow down and make allowances for it.

“Add the further hazards of increased stopping distances and reduced visibility from rain and spray and it should be clear to everyone that you need to take much more care.”
You can find more guidance on driving in adverse weather conditions in The Highway Code.



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Please save water!

This important message is being issued at the request of South East Water. They supply water to much of Sussex and Kent, and parts of Hampshire, but this message also relates to water consumption in other areas. South East Water are experiencing very high demand for tap water, which is putting extreme pressure on networks and may result in some customers being without water for periods during this heatwave.

With South East Water gearing up to produce up to an extra one hundred million litres of drinking water a day they are asking for help to spread the water efficiency message.

Water technicians will be working round the clock to produce the extra water needed – the equivalent of 1.25 million flushes of the toilet.

The amount of water available in reservoirs and groundwater stores has been good this year, but as the hot summer continues, demand for water remains high.

In the same way that motorways can become jammed when the rush-hour is busier than normal, if people fill super-sized paddling pools, hot tubs, use water sprinklers and hose pipes at the same time, this adds huge pressure to the normal peak-period demands which can make it difficult to deliver the water quickly enough.

Consumers can help ensure that everyone has the water they need to drink, cook, wash and clean with this weekend, by leaving their lawns to turn golden and not washing the car.

Water sprinklers are also extremely thirsty – in one hour they can use what a family of four would use in two whole days.

The water company is giving these top tips for looking after paddling pool water:
• Keep the paddling pool covered when not in use to save refilling it as often
• Have a small washing up bowl to clean feet in before getting into the pool will help the water last longer (although easier said than done with kids – but for big kids this will help)
• Don’t fill paddling pools in the early evening when demand for water is higher
• When it comes time to change the water, use it on the garden – children can help with this, or pour it into a water butt to help refill it while rain stays away.

Being water savvy in the sunshine helps ease pressure on the company’s extensive network of 9,000 miles of pipes, pumping stations and treatment works, which are working round the clock to keep taps running.

Saving water means saving money too and other top tips for summer water use and free water saving devices can be found on the company’s website southeastwater.co.uk/savewater.