Novartis Parish Liaison Meetings

North Horsham Parish Council have began to hold meetings periodically with key stakeholders involved in the former Novartis site’s Development. Due to Covid-19, meetings are conducted online.

Information regarding the site can be found here: There you can also register for updates and ask questions about the development.

Notes from the first liaison meeting held on 13th January 2021 can be seen below:

Land north of Horsham Community Newsletter

Site Update

Natta has begun works to Rusper Road south to install utilities and services to the site and the school and to widen Rusper Road for the A264 roundabout upgrade. 

Triconnex has been carrying out works along the A264 between Old Holbrook and Rusper Road to provide services and utilities to the site. 

Some additional works are required along the A264 during the closure of Rusper Road south. These works have been programmed to take place now to support the opening of the school, and to take advantage of the lighter traffic on the road due to the lockdown. You can read about these works here. 
Coming up
The second application for new homes on the site has now been submitted by Legal & General Homes for around 200 homes as part of Phase 1. 

The application for the pedestrian and cycle bridge over the A264 is now also available on Horsham District Council’s Planning Portal, along with several other infrastructure applications.
Keep in touch
If you have any questions, comments or queries about the development, please do get in contact using the details below. 
07578 622 578