Roffey and Holbrook Community Groups

These Community Group meetings have been established to enable both residents, residents’ associations, individuals and local groups to comment on local issues, including matters relevant to West Sussex County Council, Horsham District Council and the Parish Council each of which are invited to send representatives. Any local residents are welcome to attend.

The Parish Council views these meetings as an important means of facilitating and increasing opportunities for contact between people living and working in the North Horsham area with local organisations, as well as Councillors representing each tier of local government.

The meetings can not only help bring forward projects that residents would like to see pursued but also matters of concern.

Parish Councils are being given an increasing emphasis by the Government because, as the smallest local government unit, they are closest to their population. Parishes can act as a catalyst for action and can also represent the views and aspirations of local residents to principal authorities. The Ward Community Groups can help achieve this.

New faces and organisations are welcomed to the Community Groups, which can represent a real opportunity to get more closely involved with the community.