Coronavirus – Covid 19 outbreak

Due to the rapidly changing situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), North Horsham Parish Council has made the following decisions, based on government guidelines introduced to reduce the spread of the illness and keep everyone safe.

1. All halls will be closed from Monday 23rd March 2020 until 31st May 2020. However, the situation will be kept under constant review and may be changed (i.e. the closure could be shortened or lengthened).
2. The multi courts will closed for large groups, but be open for small gatherings (up to 4) at the discretion of the Clerk/ Deputy Clerk.
3. All bookings cancelled/not going ahead due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) will not be subject to the normal 28 day cancellation policy. Anyone who has paid in advance, will be contacted by the office, so that a refund can be organised.

We would like to reassure regular hirers that their normal slots will be kept available for them when the halls/courts re-open.

For the time being, the parish office will be staffed, but no meetings scheduled until the end of April 2020 will go ahead, however, this will also be kept under review.


The government’s main source of advice on coronavirus includes information on social distancing alongside a wide range of other information. If you would like to keep up-to-date with the government information as it comes out then you can sign up to their Covid-19 response bulletin.
Public Health England has FAQs that will be updated regularly.
For further reading, the Local Government Association has published a very useful list of different government advice sources.

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