WSCC virtual meetings to continue at County Council over the coming month

A number of regular West Sussex County Council meetings will be held virtually over the coming month, so that priority business can still be dealt with.

Following new legislation, council meetings can now be held virtually (by video or phone) until May 2021 and the County Council will be using audio-only technology for these meetings, to ensure they are robust, reliable and secure.

All meetings that take place will be audio-webcast so that the public will be able to listen to the discussions.

The Chairman of the Council has agreed to cancel the meeting of full council scheduled for 22 May, as there is no priority business to be considered and no executive decisions or formal scrutiny take place in that meeting.

Some other meetings will need to be postponed or cancelled, as the focus will be on priority business during this emergency period.

Cabinet is still due to meet monthly to take key decisions and will also receive updates on the Council’s Covid-19 response, enabling democratic oversight with opposition party leaders and scrutiny chairmen able to take part and ask questions.

Plans for meetings in June and July are under review pending any changes to the current situation and government guidance.

A list of the most up-to-date meetings taking place will be available on the County Council’s ‘Calendar of Meetings’ web page –

Anyone who wants to listen to any meeting being audio-cast, can do so by visiting Individuals can also access archived meetings which are available for six months after the broadcast date.

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