Pontail Road – Gas Network upgrade

Scotia Gas Network (SGN) are undertaking a project to upgrade the gas network in Pondtail Road, Horsham. This project involves replacing the existing gas mains in the area with new plastic pipe.

The essential work will ensure the community receives a continued and reliable gas supply for many years to come. They’re working closely with UK Government and public health bodies to make sure they carry out our project in line with all current coronavirus safety guidance. They shouldn’t need to interrupt gas supplies to homes or businesses, and the engineers won’t be calling at residents’ home.

They set up the works on Pondtail Road yesterday, with works starting early this week. The project will be carried out by contractor D J Utilities on their behalf.

In close consultation with West Sussex County Council, they have agreed to complete the following work:

  • From 29 June 2020 for approximately 2 weeks, they will be working on Pondtail Road at the junction with Ashleigh Road
  • They will need to implement multi-way signals around the junction to ensure traffic can flow safely around our site
  • Vehicle and pedestrian access will be maintained throughout


They have extra safety precautions in place to protect workers and the community from the virus. Workers will be keeping to social distancing guidelines on sites and they ask communities to keep their distance too. There’s more information about their coronavirus response on their website: sgn.co.uk/coronavirus

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