Voluntary Sector COVID Restore and Recovery network meeting – Focus on employment – 14 July 2020 at 14.00

Message from Horsham District Council:

To support local voluntary and community groups in their planning of support for local residents, we have arranged a network meeting to take place focusing on employment.
This network session is open to representatives of local COVID-19 Community Hubs and also Voluntary and Community Groups across the Horsham District.

Attendees will be joining Voluntary Sector Support and guests Sue Carey (Job Centre) and Leigh Chambers (Horsham District Council) to discuss the existing support for residents looking for employment.

The aim of the meeting is also to explore opportunities for working together to reduce duplication of support (on the theme of employment) as we move through COVID-19. Together with the Voluntary Sector and wider partners we hope to best support residents and make the most effective use of our combined skills, experience and resources.

A little about our speakers:

  • Sue Carey – Gatwick Diamond Jobcentres Partnership Advisor

Sue works alongside Partnership Manager Alison Barrett and together they cover five Jobcentres across Sussex and Surrey.

Sue will provide an update on the current service delivery from Jobcentres, how they are planning to deliver the service as we move forward through COVID-19 and what they envisage the challenges will be.

  • Leigh Chambers – Horsham District Council

Leigh is Horsham District Council’s Economic Development Officer for Employment and Skills alongside being the West Sussex Programme Manager for ‘Journey to Work’.

Horsham District Council has supported unemployed people through the Journey to Work programme for 8 years and have helped more than 600 people into work during that time. Since 2018, the Council has also worked with Horsham-based company SETAS to run its WISH clubs (Work Information & Support Hubs). Both projects run side by side and whilst both have had to resort to remote contact and support with their customers during COVID-19, currently 130 people are being helped with CV, application and interview support, job searching and holistic support including mentoring, counselling and health and wellbeing advice.

A little about the network meeting:

  • Questions are invited from attendees in advance of the meeting. Dependent on time questions will also be taken during the meeting.
  • Ahead of the meeting attendees will be emailed a link to access the network meeting via your usual web browser.

Further information:

Email your questions to: volunteer@horsham.gov.uk

Telephone: 01403 215191


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