Damage to grass verges – community support needed for a Traffic Regulation Order Application (TRO) for double yellow lines at Roffey Corner.

Numerous local residents have alerted North Horsham Parish Council to their concerns about the damage being caused to the grass verge at Roffey Corner by parked cars. West Sussex County Council has advised that the best way to enforcedly deter parking is to apply for a TRO to paint double yellow lines on the road adjacent to the verges on Crawley Road from the bus shelter at Roffey Corner to the traffic lights. The aim is to prevent damage to the grass verge adjacent to the proposed double yellow lines. In addition, the TRO will reduce traffic congestion for commuters by increasing the capacity of the left turn only lane.

To achieve this, the Parish Council needs the support of local residents. You can do this by simply sending your name and address to: email –  committee.clerk@northhorsham-pc.gov.uk and stating that you support the application for a TRO at Roffey Corner or by calling – 01403 750786, for the duration of the Coronavirus outbreak, there will be the ability to leave a message.

Please contact us as soon as possible by the means above to be certain your support is included.

Location of double yellow lines:

Location - Traffic Regulation Order Application for double yellow lines at Crawley Road-Roffey Corner

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