Sussex Police – StreetSafe

Have you seen the new StreetSafe tool? It’s an online tool where you can tell us anonymously about locations in your neighbourhood that make you feel or have made you feel unsafe. This could be due to environmental issues such as street lighting, abandoned buildings or vandalism or because of behaviours you’ve experienced that could include being followed or verbally abused.

We’ll use the information to share with local authorities and other partner agencies to gain a better understanding of how people feel in an area and what measures, activities or initiatives can be put in place to help people feel safer. You can find out more about how your data will be used here.

To use the StreetSafe tool visit our website here and plot on the map where you have felt or feel unsafe. You will be given the option answer additional questions on your personal characteristics (gender, age, sex) but will not ask for your name or date of birth.  

The murder of Sarah Everard and the conviction Wayne Couzens has sent shock waves through policing across the UK, Sussex included and we fully recognise that the case will have a profound impact on public trust and confidence in the police, particularly that of women.

StreetSafe is one way to help us rebuild public trust by people in our communities completing the online tool to enable improvements to be made in areas where people do not feel safe.

Please note StreetSafe is not an alternative to reporting crime to us, please use our normal reporting methods.

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