CityFibre in Horsham: Launching Full Fibre for Horsham

CityFibre launched their FTTH (full fibre to the home) programme in Horsham in Oct 2021 – a £12m private investment from CityFibre to support digital transformation and bring next-generation broadband to 20000+ homes and businesses in Horsham.

The infrastructure is forecast to boost business productivity and innovation, deliver millions of pounds in economic benefits for the town – while giving local residents and businesses access to the UK’s fastest broadband services of up to 1,000 megabits per second.

Construction is now well underway – with a current focus to complete build in the following wards in 2022: Forest, Roffey South & Roffey North, Denne and Trafalgar.  This high-level plan is subject to change. CityFibre’s build partner in Horsham is Lanes-i. The project is due to complete by 2023/4, however, they will connect residents as they go along. 

Their network is open access, any service provider can join and offer their services – national, regional and local providers are already on their network.  As they reach key milestones and the number of ‘ready for service’ homes grows, internet service providers (ISPs) will be ready to serve these homes and deliver some of the fastest and best value broadband packages available in the country.  Residents can register their interest here.

It is recognised that the work is disruptive for residents, and they aim to get through areas as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Lanes-i drops ‘notice letters’ a week prior to works commencing in each area.

For urgent access or safety concerns, enquiries and site complaints, please direct constituents and residents to our Enquires & Complaints team, who can be reached either by Email: or phone: 08000836160

2 thoughts on “CityFibre in Horsham: Launching Full Fibre for Horsham

  1. Another target missed! Fibre cabling was laid in my street in April 2022, it is now February 2023 and NOTHING. Some parts of Roffey have Ultrafast but not us. No one in at Cityfibre or Virgin Media (they have dug up what Cityfibre laid) have clue when its going live!
    That includes my local counsellor and the MP office


  2. I’m also getting impatient, waiting for the full fibre in my bit of Roffey to go live… it’s been almost a year since it was laid. Recently Virgin Media laid their own cables and I was assured it would be online in July. Seems to me that CityFibre and/or potential service providers will simply miss out on any domestic custom here unless they get a move on because anyone who’s keen will simply sign up with Virgin in July.


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