Census – first results released

Banner notifying the first Census 2021 results have arrived

Census have released the first results from Census 2021 in England and Wales

They have published five datasets containing population and household estimates for England and for Wales, rounded to the nearest 100, at local authority level. These are: 

  • usual resident population by sex 
  • usual resident population by 5-year age group 
  • usual resident population by sex and 5-year age group 
  • usual resident population density 
  • number of households 

To explain the data, they have published two statistical bulletins, one focused on England and Wales and one focused on Wales.

They have also published some interactive content from the Census 2021 first results, including a: 

  • scrolly-telling article, about how the population has changed in different local authority areas and how they compare with others across England and Wales 
  • game, testing your knowledge of the population of local authorities 

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