Sign Up For Better, Faster Broadband

Better ConnectedWest Sussex – Better Connected is an exciting project to bring better, faster broadband to West Sussex.  Funded by the government, West Sussex County Council and partners, the project aims to make it possible for 90% of the county to connect to better, faster broadband services by April 2015. This means that homes and businesses will have the opportunity to have a broadband connection using a commercial supplier.

The benefits will be great. Improved broadband speeds can transform how we work, live and communicate. This exciting technology can improve our quality of life, and help to grow our economy by enabling new businesses to start up, and existing ones to prosper. Providing better broadband presents challenges. The geography of West Sussex requires a range of technologies to bring broadband to households and businesses. These include fibre optic, advanced copper, satellite and wireless technologies.

This is a hugely ambitious and challenging project. It is inevitable some areas will be able to connect to better, faster broadband before others. We will be working closely with our partners to take into account many factors including local geography and demographics, planning requirements and engineering issues, to ensure a smooth installation of the technology.

Help to make sure your area is included in suppliers plans by signing up for better broadband. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Sign up online
  • Sign up by completing the paper form (download a copy of the form or call 01243 642119 or collect a form from your local West Sussex Library or Help Point).

Signing your support does not commit you to any form of contract for a new broadband service.