Get Ready For Winter!

Here are some suggestions from West Sussex County Council for the simple things you can do to help you and your family keep warm, healthy and safe through the cold weather – as well as saving money.

Protecting your home – Find out more on how to protect your home in advance of the winter weather:

  • Order winter fuel
  • Check pipes are lagged to prevent them bursting and know where to turn your water off
  • Find out about the Warm Front Scheme
  • Prepare an emergency bag in case you or your family have to move elsewhere at short notice due to weather
  • Floods happen. Be prepared. Check if you are at risk from flooding and sign up for free flood warnings

Health and wellbeing – Steps you can take to protect your health this winter:

Winter travel – Hints and tips on travelling safely during severe weather:

Helping your community – This guidance challenges misconceptions about health and safety laws getting in the way of action and volunteering.  We need the Big Society most in times of adversity, when communities have to pull together.  This guidance sets out how you can survive the ice and snow and help your neighbours to do the same:

  • Check that any elderly or disabled neighbours are alright in the cold weather. If you’re worried about them, contact WSCC
  • Check you know who might need help in your community by speaking to your local Parish Clerk.
  • Sign up for UK weather warnings from the Met Office
  • Help your community by volunteering