SmartPark Initiative Launches In Horsham

HDC LogoHorsham District Council is improving the multi-storey car parks in the town centre to make parking easier and more convenient for visitors.

A new ticketless system called Horsham SmartPark will be piloted in Swan Walk at the end of August before being rolled out to The Forum and Piries Place in the autumn. Car parks operating the ticketless system will display the distinctive bright green Smart Park logo.

Rather than using a ticket to monitor length of stay, Horsham SmartPark works by recording the number plate of a car as it enters the car park. Drivers simply park and go off on foot without needing to purchase or collect a ticket. Before collecting their car they enter their vehicle’s registration number at one of the pay stations and the appropriate fee will be displayed. This can be paid with cash or by card. Once paid, the barrier will automatically lift as the driver approaches the car park exit.

Cllr Roger Paterson, Cabinet Member for the Local Economy said: “The beauty of Horsham SmartPark is that it will make parking in the town centre much more straightforward. There’s no need to worry about finding your ticket, getting the right change and racing back to your car before the ticket expires.

“The only thing you need to do is remember your car’s number plate but there are plenty of reminders before you leave the car park. You will also be able to see an image of your car on the screen at the pay stations so if you can remember the first few letters that will suffice in most cases.

“SmartPark will make Horsham an even more attractive place to visit by giving visitors more time to relax and enjoy the tremendous range of wonderful shops, cafes, restaurants and leisure activities in the town centre.”

Horsham SmartPark will be operating in Swan Walk car park from Tuesday, August 26. The SmartPark team from Horsham District Council will be on hand in the car park and at the pay station in Swan Walk to help visitors with the new system. There will be no change to the rates.

Further information can be found at or at the parking office on level 4 of Swan Walk car park.