Airport Commission Announcement Regarding Gatwick Airport

CAGNE LogoCAGNE, (Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions) was founded out of the ADNID trial flight path that went over West Sussex parishes not previously disturbed by aircraft noise.  CAGNE now seeks to share information with residents of West Sussex about Gatwick Airport, Gatwick flight paths and Gatwick expanding with a second runway.

The Airport Commission Announcement

The Airport Commission has been set the task to find a new runway in the southeast. Gatwick is being considered and if you object to a second runway being built you should write to your local MP, HDC and WSCC councillors, and the Airport Commission.

The questions asked by the Airport Commission are in depth and have to be answered by 3rd February 2015.  It is not detailed that the associated documents contain important details, such as the two new flight paths that will go over the Horsham area whilst the existing routes will certainly double in aircraft capacity as Gatwick seeks to go from 250,000 aircraft a year to 560,000.

Gatwick will be bigger than Heathrow with 95 million passengers annually and over 32,500 inwardly migrating workers looking for housing, schools, medical care and adding to the congestion on our roads and railways.

The consultation documents can be found below: 

The map attached shows just two of the new flight paths that will come off a new runway at Gatwick and the noise implications for departures over West Sussex.  Other maps for other areas and arrivals are currently under construction and addition information can be found at