DC/16/1677 – Development on land north of Horsham

Notes of a meeting of all working parties held on 14th December 2016 at 2pm at Roffey Millennium Hall

Purpose of the working parties:- three working parties appointed to jointly develop a full response to the outline planning application recently submitted for development north of Horsham (DC/16/1677). The application includes housing (up to 2,750 dwellings), a business park (up to 46,450 m2), retail, community centre, leisure facilities, education facilities, public open space, landscaping and related infrastructure and has reserved matters except for access.
Remit of this meeting:- to gain updated information from WSCC Highways and to obtain guidance regarding the scope of any supporting work required on the Traffic Survey within the application.
Joint Working Party Members:- Nicholas Butler, Frances Haigh*, Roland Knight, Martin Loates, Richard Millington, Helen Ralston*, Tony Rickett, David Searle*, Ray Turner*, Ian Wassell*, Roger Wilton, Sally Wilton. Resident Mr Laurie Holt. Horsham Cycle Forum representative Ruth Fletcher*. Horsham Society representative Philip Ayerst*, West Sussex County Council Highways representative Ian Gledhill* .
*Denotes present

Ian Gledhill reported that there had been very little movement since WSCC had submitted its response to the planning application in September 2016. However, Peter Brett Associates had been in touch earlier this week, but Ian had not had the opportunity to study the correspondence.

He suggested that there may be a package of information from the developer for consideration in January 2017, but he had no definite information. Once the additional information was submitted there would be a 21 day consultation which starts when the amendment is validated by Horsham District Council.

The proposed planning application for a Recycling Plant and Incinerator at the old Wealdon brickworks on Langhurstwood Road was imminent and whilst there was no doubt that the two applications impacted on each other, they would run separately.

Clarification of the decision making process for application DC/16/1677 and where influence and power lies ensued. The ultimate decision makers are Horsham District Council’s elected members as a corporate body as HDC is the planning authority.

Concern was raised regarding the potential for gridlock within Horsham due to additional traffic movements associated with houses built during ongoing phasing in existing developments. Further concern was raised regarding the road conditions surrounding the turning to Earles Meadow from Crawley Road. Ian confirmed that the traffic survey submitted by Liberty includes best guesses for the cumulative effect from all developments in the surrounding area. The traffic survey examined the scenario with a railway station but not at the situation should a railway station not be provided. He also confirmed that the decision regarding the railway station would be made by the Department for Transport and that no Section 106 discussions had been started. Highways England have submitted their comments as have Crawley Council, however, Surrey County Council are yet to submit.

The representative from the Cycle Forum supported underpasses to allow free movement across the A264, but it would appear that Peter Brett Associates, on behalf of the developers, doubt their viability. WSCC have not been asked to look at this aspect of the development.

A discussion around the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and its statement of sustainability ensued.

Ian Gledhill advised waiting for more information before employing a consultant to undertake a critique or peer review of the existing traffic survey.

Concern was expressed regarding the routes through the site, especially in relation to ancient woodland and it was suggested that this was a question for the HDC case officer.

Ian Gledhill left the meeting at 3.00pm

The discussion from this point centred around how to progress with a peer review/ critique of the traffic survey. The practical final outcome was to draw out a scope from the notes made from all of the working party meetings so far.

It was suggested that an agenda was provided for the next working party meeting.

Further meetings and conclusion
No further meetings were arranged at this stage.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 3.40pm.
Notes taken by the Clerk (Pauline Whitehead)

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