Godwin Way Car Park

As many residents will know, Horsham District Council intends to charge for parking at the Godwin Way Car Park from April 2017. Horsham District Council offered the Parish Council an opportunity to take responsibility for the car park  and the Parish Council canvassed local businesses to ascertain if they would support them in a bid to manage the car park, offer a contribution to the upkeep and keep it free of charge to users, but there was very little support for this option. Horsham District Council had offered a lease on the Car Park, but issues associated with drainage, resurfacing and ongoing maintenance could have seen the Parish Council responsible and accountable for large bills in the future.

The Parish Council formally considered taking responsibility for the Car Park at their January Parish Council Meeting but, as there were still many outstanding questions and great uncertainty about the overall liability to the Council that could have a long term financial effect on local residents they rejected the offer.

Information about the proposals for the Godwin Way Car park can be found on Horsham District Council’s website


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