DC/16/1677 – Development on land north of Horsham

Notes of a meeting of all working parties held on 11th January 2017 at 2.30pm at Roffey Millennium Hall

Purpose of the working parties:- three working parties appointed to jointly develop a full response to the outline planning application recently submitted for development north of Horsham (DC/16/1677). The application includes housing (up to 2,750 dwellings), a business park (up to 46,450 m2), retail, community centre, leisure facilities, education facilities, public open space, landscaping and related infrastructure and has reserved matters except for access.

Remit of this meeting:- to gain updated information from Horsham District Council (HDC).

Joint Working Party Members:- Nicholas Butler, Frances Haigh*, Roland Knight*, Martin Loates, Richard Millington, Helen Ralston, Tony Rickett, David Searle*, Ray Turner*,  Ian Wassell*, Roger Wilton*, Sally Wilton*. Resident Mr Laurie Holt*. Horsham Cycle Forum representative Ruth Fletcher*. Horsham Society representative Philip Ayerst*, HDC case officer David Lowin*, HDC Major Developments Officer, Helen Lowe*.

*Denotes present

Mr Lowin was expecting an amended application within the next two to three weeks. There had been concerns surrounding:-

  • the ancient woodland road crossings – the developer had been asked to consider alternatives if not to offer justification and mitigation.
  • Schools and how they would be funded through the Section 106 monies. Discussions were taking place between the developers and West Sussex County Council (WSCC).
  • Housing for local needs. Work was being undertaken to try to make the application policy compliant.
  • Transport amendments -require further consultation.

There was no indication yet when HDC would consider the application. The working party was informed of the following updated information:-

  • Work on S106 is policy compliant and moving forward.
  • The developer is very concerned about planning application WSCC/062/16/NH at the Former Wealden Brickworks, Langhurstwood Road for a Recycling, Recovery and Renewable Energy and Ancillary Infrastructure submitted by Britaniacrest Recycling Ltd  as the site is adjacent to their proposed development. They have submitted an objection to WSCC.
  • The need for mixed market housing especially 2 and 3 bedroomed houses has been drawn to the attention of the developer.
  • WSCC have requested that the applicants refine the modelling of the road layouts within the amended application. WSCC have made attempts to contact and work with Surrey County Council where appropriate.
  • Attention has been drawn to the need for the provision of infrastructure within the development as early as possible and clarity around phasing.
  • Modelling within the site has been done on the worst case scenario and the railway station had not been taken into consideration for the sustainability of the site. Whilst a parcel of land had been retained for a railway station, the provision was not in the hands of HDC. The potential for a station made the site more sustainable than others.
  • If the site for the railway station were to be used to facilitate a Park and Ride scheme there would need to be a variation in the Section 106 agreement. There is the potential that the site for the station could remain undeveloped for a long time.
  • It was disappointing that the development hadn’t been put forward as one of the ‘Garden Villages’ announced by the Government in January 2017 as it would have attracted funding. ‘Garden Villages’ are distinct new places, with their own community facilities, rather than extensions to existing urban areas. Helen Lowe would check that this hadn’t been put forward for that scheme.
  • There had been an extensive meeting between HDC and the developer regarding “green links”. These would be secured through a legal agreement and it is likely that they would be put into the hands of a management company. The working party suggested that Sussex Wildlife Trust or the Woodland Trust may like to explore taking responsibility for this. HDC will suggest to ecological organisations that they may wish to explore these opportunities. This could be strengthened by an approach from the Parish Council.
  • Alternative routes to maximise the preservation of the ancient woodland will be looked at by the developer with HDC.
  • There is no detail on the building design at this stage, however, some design code could be set out and submitted.
  • It was suggested that the Parish Council starts a dialogue with Liberty.

Mr Lowin agreed to come back to brief the Parish Council in a few weeks time.


Further meetings and conclusion

No further meetings were arranged at this stage.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 3.35pm.

Notes taken by the Clerk (Pauline Whitehead)


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